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Our History


Rose growing has been in the Campbell family since 1970, when the High Country Rosarium was founded in Denver by Dr. Bill Campbell after he had spent a decade collecting and testing many varieties of old garden roses in the tough climate of Colorado. 

Over the Decades

In the 1980s, Bill’s daughter, Melinda Campbell, helped manage the business. Around the same time, Bill married avid rosarian, Linda Douglas Campbell.

In 1995, Dr. Bill’s daughter and son-in-law, Heather Campbell and Day DeLaHunt, took over management of the business and moved operations to their nursery in Utah.

In the fall of 2011, the business moved back to Denver where it is now being managed by Linda’s son, Matt Douglas.

The business has grown over the years, but we are proud that it has stayed in the family and continues to be a high-quality small business offering superior roses.