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We have been growing and selling beautiful, hardy, own-root roses for over forty years. All of our roses are grown on their own roots, which means that they are grown directly from cuttings and not grafted onto a different rootstalk.

As a result, the roses tend to be hardier, they live longer, and they are guaranteed to always remain true to the variety you purchase.

An Abundance of Variety

We carry a wide variety of species roses, old garden roses and modern roses

In addition to our roses, we grow over 500 varieties of perennials and herbs as well as maintain a nursery of trees and shrubs for our local customers.


Always Innovating

We are developing display gardens and are constantly working to expand them. You are welcome to drop in and visit. If you have ordered roses and would like to pick them up here, please call us at least 3 days in advance to make arrangements as not all of the rose varieties are available at the garden center. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you. We hope that you will have years of enjoyment from growing these remarkable roses.